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Advanced Air Mechanical, Inc. was started August 1, 2001. In the beginning the company name was Advanced Air Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. Ron and Heidi Hendrickson began the company, and ran it out of their home in Prole, IA. 


Ron was responsible for all installations, repairs and sales. His goal was to provide excellent service to his customers, and due to his high level of service he built his residential customer base quickly. 


Advanced Air Mechanical, Inc. began their growth into commercial work in 2008.  The commercial work took off at such a large pace requiring for the first time for Advanced Air Mechanical, Inc. to hire an over the road crew to meet the needs of the commercial client. The company remains licensed in multiple states and continues to carry-on with this commercial work.


As the company’s growth continued, it became necessary to move from managing the business out of their home to an office space, it was at this time the company moved to Norwalk. With the move, Advanced Air Mechanical, Inc. took the time to continue to work on building up their residential customer base. The Norwalk Community became a big part of the company’s success and the focus was in providing home town service to the local community, all the while meeting the needs of the larger Des Moines and surrounding areas. 


2012 brought many changes to the company such as a move to West Des Moines, where the office and

shop could now be located in one building. After 11 years in business, Advanced Air Mechanical, Inc. began a makeover of its image, beginning with upgrading of the level of service we provide, improved upfront pricing so our customers know what to expect before the work is performed, upgrading our training programs from telephone staff, service techs and installers. One more thing that seemed important in the changes was an updated logo, which conveyed the professionalism and mechanical abilities of our staff.


The company is still owned by Ron & Heidi Hendrickson, along now with their daughters Jenna, Jordan and Chanelle, each taking on a more specific role in establishing the success and advancement of the company. As we move into 2013 we look forward to a year full of growth, top of the line products, service excellence and a continued growing relationship with our customers. We look forward to meeting your needs and being able to provide the customer service you deserve. Our mission is to “Make sure we provide the highest quality of service, and offer the most innovative products to ensure our customers complete satisfaction.”


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